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ScanTekk Table is our portable, tabletop device ideal for tradshows, conferences and mobile businesses.

Why You Need Temperature Scanner Table in UK?

UK is one of the worst Coronavirus hit countries of the world. Its has become necessary to limit spread of the virus by intelligent measures across the country. ScanTekk takes advanced of modern technology and has optimized it for body temperature checker solutions. Our temperature detection tablet setups now offer very accurate body temperature measuring enabling isolation of possible infected personal. Our infrared temperature scanning device measures and displays the exact body temperature of all personals on any site. Advanced tablets with fast processors and accurate temperature scanners are designed perfectly to offer warnings for possible infections. Our devices aim to isolate and quarantine with care possibility of the infected by checking and reporting their body temperatures across the UK.

How ScanTekk Can Help!

ScanTekk is part of the Tekk Group offering tech solutions for every need in the UK. We have used our creative solutions to design and offer temperature scanner table setups all around the country. Our devices help identify possibility of virus infections at workspaces, schools, public or private gatherings. Our infrared temperature scanner camara devices integrated with 8-inch tablet displays provide correct body temperature measurement of all personal on site. Our advanced devices aim to control the virus spread by enabling identification and quarantine of possible virus carriers. Our body temperature checker table mounted devices are available for use on any social public or private events.

The Need to Limit Spreading of the Virus

With UK being one of the epicenters of Covid-19 virus, the need to limit virus spread is greater than ever. We need to work together and identify virus carriers quarantining them in order to stop the virus from spreading. ScanTekk has introduced advanced temperature scanner table in UK that has infrared thermal scanner cameras integrated. Our devices help identify people with raised body temperatures that can lead to quarantining and caring for them. At the start of 2021 and going forward in the year, the need to stop virus spread will be greater than ever. We are here to help with temperature scanner systems in the UK available for any premises, building and event. Our table mounted thermal scanner tablet devices are available for any usage requirement.

ScanTekk: Table

  • · Quad Core 1.8GHZ ARM Processor SoC

    · 4GB RAM

    · Quad Core T760 GPU

    · 8GB Internal Storage

    · 8” Touchscreen with 800*1280 Resolution

    · RFID Reader

    · WiFi

    · RJ45 Ethernet

    · Web Management Interface

    · Serial COM

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