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ScanTekk: Kiosk

Temperature Scanner Kiosk for Schools, Colleges and Universities

All educational institutions can now implement advanced temperature kiosk for schools system. ScanTekk offers temperature testing kiosk in UK that enables live on the go scanning for all staff members and students. Our automated temperature screening kiosk makes it possible to identify and quarantine all personals with raised body temperature in any school, college or university. All our advanced temperature scanning devices for schools are designed to be easy to use and operate by anyone. Simply stand staff members or students in front of the device and infrared sensors will measure their body temperature accurately. When operated correctly, our temperature kiosk for schools and colleges can scan up to 1000 members an hour.


Temperature Scanner Kiosk for Events

Planning a business or social even anywhere in the UK? ScanTekk can help you make it more secure in these times of the Coronavirus pandemic. Our temperature scanner kiosk UK setup is available for all kinds of events and social gatherings. Whether you have an outdoor large event or a family gathering at the house, our temperature screening kiosk will help identify anyone with raised body temperature. Built-in sanitizer & temperature check kiosk UK systems are enabled to measure body temperatures while also offer sanitizing solutions. Make everyone feel comfortable by installing thermal scanner system online solutions. Instant on-site temperature displays and online report sending options are available anytime


    How Can ScanTekk Help?

    ScanTekk is a highly motivated temperate scanner kiosk UK service provider. We are one of the first body temperature kiosk service providers in the UK. Our advanced infrared-based temperature scanners are up to 99.25% accurate in identifying people with raised body temperatures. Our easy mountable devices have large 8-inch touchscreen displays that help with easy operation. Wi-Fi connectivity and ethernet integration offers quick data transfer to any connected servers. Easy Web Management Interface ensures basic operational techniques. We now offer advanced thermal scanner system online solutions in UK for all kinds of social gatherings and business events. Get yours now and promote peace of mind for all your guests, employees and invited personal.


    Thermal Scanners During Coronavirus Pandemic

    There is no doubt the world would be much better without this Covid-19 pandemic. But the sad reality is that it is here and is affecting humanity in many worse ways. ScanTekk in UK now offers reliable automated temperature screening kiosk systems that make it possible to limit this virus spread. Having understood this virus so far and knowing it spreads between people upon close interaction, our systems aim to separate the infected. Identifying people with raised body temperatures, our temperature testing kiosk UK solutions also make it possible for the infected to get treated. Since this dreaded Coronavirus is quite often silent, identifying the infected is of great importance. Implement our on-spot sanitize & temperature check kiosk UK solutions to do your part of stopping the virus spread.

    ScanTekk: Kiosk

    • · Quad Core 1.8GHZ ARM Processor SoC

      · 4GB RAM

      · Quad Core T760 GPU

      · 8GB Internal Storage

      · 8” Touchscreen with 800*1280 Resolution

      · RFID Reader

      · WiFi

      · RJ45 Ethernet

      · Web Management Interface

      · Serial COM

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