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Temperature Detection Revolution

a comprehensive temperature safety suite built with scalability in mind. 



ScanTekk is the leading temperature measurement system for business. We bring together the power of A.I, 3D and Thermal imaging with a thoughtful set of accessories to fit within any enterprise environment. Our Temperature Scanner ensures a safe workplace environment for all. We provide an advanced Fever Detection Camera that is backed up by Intelligent software for the best workplace implementation. ScanTekk brings cost effective Temperature Detection systems to business in light of the current Covid-19 situation safeguarding workplaces in the UK and USA.



We build each ScanTekk to order to ensure maximum integration compatibility. Our advanced Temperature Scanning Device ensures integration for all connected systems. We aim to provide a modern Thermal Scanner system that has all the advanced features for identifying potentially virus affected people in workplaces.

3D & Thermal Vision System

using a binolular vision array and a 2w Thermal Sensor, we are able to deliver lightning fast temperature readings

A.I Facial Recognition

a Quad Core ARM compute core powers the A.I system, delivering the a temperature result from the same point on each and every face

Next Generation Accuracy

validated more than 1,000 times, we deliver an accuracy within .3 degrees centigrade 99.25% of the time

Privacy First

privacy is important to everyone and so we supply each and every unit in privacy mode - storing no data unless you want it to

Auto Print

audit employees and guest temperatures and instill the right culture with a cute wearable sticker letting everyone know they're validated

Online Dashboard

opt for our cloud or on premise system management suite which allows you to view the data you need, if you need it



When you get the ScanTekk Temperature Detection system integrated at your workspace, scanning employees or guests for temperature variations becomes very easy. Our modern Temperature Detection Tablet system makes it easier for the identification of infected people at a root level.

Step 1

Staff or guests present themselves to the machine and align their face in the measuring screen

Step 2

guests or staff are presented with a pass or a fail

Step 3

receive a printout with the validation or integrate with your existing access control system

Step 4

repeat this process for every employee or guest entering the building



There's nothing like seeing something up close and personal which is why we always encourage a demo of the device to see if it is right for you



Shop our Temperature Scanner systems. Shop now and safeguard workspaces.


ScanTekk provides reliable key indicator systems in the fight against the Covid-19 virus infection. Our advanced temperature scanner systems identify personnel with elevated temperatures making it possible to contain the infection within any workplace. Our fever detection camera systems are fully optimized to identify the slightest body temperature rise for any employee, student or guest.

Our temperature detection products are suitable for schools, hospitals, offices, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, public transport terminals and any other work environments. Proper temperature scanning device setups use modern hardware and software that combine to warn against any rising body temperatures.

Get our advanced temperature detection device setup at the entrance of your workspace to safeguard against potentially viral entries. Our thermal scanner systems are modified and optimized to warn immediately for any rise in body temperature upon entry. Safeguard with the most advanced temperature scanner and provide peace of mind for your employees, students or guests.

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